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Music and Weightlifting Don’t Mix…. or Do They?

Listening to music while exercising is a common aspect of working out: it can be motivational or inspiring, help you keep up with or set a strong pace for your workout, keep you entertained and avoid boredom, boost your mood or relieve stress, and even inspire you to work harder or exercise for longer.

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How to Choose a Hybrid Gym

It's no secret that the health and fitness world has shifted immensely in the wake of COVID-19. Many gyms and studios needed to quickly move their traditional on-site offerings online in order to stay open and stay relevant. While this might have been a necessary business decision for them, it becomes a bonus for you, a potential gym-member, when it comes to being able to choose a flexible hybrid gym or studio membership option that suits your needs.

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Fitness or Health? Are they the same (or different?)

You might often hear the words fitness and health used interchangeably, but are they the same thing? While fitness and health do go hand in hand, the reality is that they are most definitely separate concepts. An awareness of the difference between health and fitness will help promote a deeper understanding of all of the aspects that make up wellness and overall well-being. 

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