FAQs on Resistance Bands

1. Should I get the 12.5 inches or 14.5 inches?

The length of bands should be determined by the circumference of your thighs (area above your knees) where the bands will be worn most often. Do measure the widest part of your thigh (single thigh width). If your thigh width is between 36cm and 50cm, 12.5 inches may be better for you. If your thigh width is between 51cm and 65cm, 14.5 inches may be preferable. Should you prefer a different size from what you’ve ordered, we’d be happy to do a free exchange for you at our office at Peninsula Plaza.

2. How tight should the bands be?

It’s generally a personal preference of how tight you’d like the bands to be. A guide would be if you’re an Asian build of about 160cm and 45kg, 12.5 inches would suit you. If you’re 165cm and 60kg, then perhaps the 14.5 inches would suit better. But again, it is a personal preference. 

3. Can I wash the bands?

Yes, you can! Just hand wash the bands with cool running water and light washing detergent to prevent colour runs and premature wear-and-tear.

4. When will I receive my Reezy?

Shipping time will depend on your country (please see below). Rest assured that we will do our best to get Reezy to you as fast as we can.

USA: 4 to 8 Days
Indonesia: 3 to 13 Days
Malaysia: 2 to 9 Days
Singapore: Standard (2-3 Days), SingPost (3-5 Days)
Philippines: 3 to 13 Days
Hong Kong: 3 to 6 Days
Taiwan: 3 to 6 Days
Thailand: 3 to 6 Days
Vietnam: 3 to 10 Days

5. How much is shipping?

Shipping is free.