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Instant Ice Pack

Instant Ice Pack

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  • Bag Size: 16.5*11cm / 22.5*15cm
  • Bag Material: PVC
  • Bag Color: Blue & White
  • Bag Weight: 100g / 300g


  • Quick cooling (within seconds)
  • Maintain long cooling duration (15minutes)
  • Easy to use and hassle-free, no pre-cooling needed
  • Long Shelf Life, can be stored at room temperature
  • Good for emergency use to prevent deadly heat stroke or other heat injuries

Range of Application

  • Reduce and control pain after a sprain, crush injury, pull, burn, etc
  • Quickly deal with the pain of fever, headache, discomfort, and mosquito bites.
  • Cool down beverages, fruit, vegetables, and food in a short period at any location.
  • Sports protection, reduce swelling and pain after strenuous exercise, sprains.
  • First aid emergency pack must-have item.
  • Extremely important to prevent heatstroke which can be deadly
  • Good for beauty and skincare.

How to Use

Squeeze the bag to burst the inner bag liquid, and shake up and down to mix the liquid and the solid well, the cold pack will go to 0-5 degrees within seconds. For external use only. Avoid prolonged contact with skin due to the low temperature that is generated.

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