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Weighted Skipping Rope

Weighted Skipping Rope

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Reezy's weighted skipping ropes are excellent for cardio and burning calories.


👌 Adjustable Weights: 170g or 270g (or no weights if you like 😉) *
👌 Adjustable Length: Your Choice
👌 Two colours: Red or Black
👌 Good Grip
👌 Affordable Price
👌 Fast Delivery
👌 Free Exchange

* Approximately 170g and 270g

Benefits for your Body

🔥 Burns Calories
🔥 Improves Stamina
🔥 Improves Coordination
🔥 Improves Concentration
🔥 Increases Flexibility
🔥 Improves Mental Health
🔥 Decreases Belly Fat

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